Completely Terrible :( Chapter 3

12/30/2012 10:12

The serial killer strikes once again, I thought he was going after Tumnus but luckily Tumnus escaped and ran. The grendel realized Tumnus was too smart and fast to kill so he set his sights on Cadance! I regret to inform you that Cadance was killed this monster, she hardly knew what hit her :( At least it was quick, Tumnus is heartbroken and trying to avoid her killer, where's Sabrina when you need her? Christine is currently snacking
on peppers in the jungle while Billybob and Sabrina are exploring the uncharted regions of the ship. It seems Sabrina has a cold, I hope she recovers and doesn't give it to Billybob. Meanwhile Noo-Noo is spending some quality time by himself, he's got the right idea staying away from the action. This grendel is really starting to get on my nerves, I wish I could do something about it! Sadly Tumnus did get killed by a Grendel :( Then Christine
put up a valiant fight in the jungle, as she reached adolescents she fell to the grendel :( I'm sorry for the tragic nature of this chapter. Soon Noo-Noo escaped a grendel while Sabrina just watched! He played the digeroo, in an attempt to call Sabrina to his aid. Sabrina killed a third grendel on a lift, then met up with Billybob in
the jungle, they had a baby and Billybob left because he was getting chased by a grendel. Sabrina laid her egg in the jungle and left it! A grendel stole it and waited until it was born and killed it! I barely had enough time to name her Holly :( Right now Sabrina is pregnant
again with Billybob's baby, and Noo-Noo is watching them from the hill. Unusually the grendels are stsying in the jungle for a change. This is one tough wolfing run! At least I can end this chapter with hope :) Until next time

Here are the pics:

So sad and Tumnus was watching :( this wolfing run is hard to watch

They were growing close here :)

I really loved Christine may she rest in peace :(

3rd kill, it's also sad I don't think Sabrina likes killing Grendels, but does it because she has too :(

This is when she refused to help Noo-Noo luckily he lived, but he could have used her help!

As Sabrina walked away and the grendel drew near he began playing the digeroo? I think he was trying to get Sabrina's attention


Tumnus's last moments, heart breaking :(

When he didn't want to be around anyone lol

Pregnant with a grendel close by... weird O_o

Not the best place to lay your egg is it Sabrina?

How dare he! I was freaking out especially because Sabrina abandoned it!

I was soo close to just picking her up, but I didn't she did slap him a bit before she died :(Pregnant again, a sign of hope in dark times?