The Wolfing Begins (1st wolfing run) Chapter 1

12/29/2012 23:35

      The 1st to hatch was Sabrina, then Cadance, Ziggy, Christine, Noo-Noo, Billybob, Gabriel, Tumnus, and Christine. Suprisingly all of the norns stayed in the norn room, also something that I thought was a little weird was that I hatched a Bondi Norn (Christine) and took a picture of her. Then when I thought all of the eggs were hatched she was gone, but not dead, just gone? So I hatched her again 0_o.
Sabrina and Ziggy seem to hang out quite a lot, but it too early to tell if they will become good friends. Billybob refuses to abandon his precious cheese machine, I guess his stratedy is to keep a food source close and protected ;) Gabriel had a run in with a grendel already, it slapped him up and left, he was shaken up and suprised but he made it. Of course Sabrina reaches adolescents first as a hardman I would expect so.
Cadence seems to have taken it upon herself to start an elevator party, lol, norns come and go but Cadance refuses to leave the lift.

Here are some pictures (Sorry if they are out of order):

  7 of the 8 eggs

Cadance's egg

Billybob meets Noo-Noo

Cadance at birth!

A baby Christine

A hearty first meal for Gabriel

Noo-Noo's pigging out

Gabriel was obsessed with Tumnus's egg, I don't know why. He would hit it and pick it up all of the time

We may very well have a musician in the future

Ziggy wants to calm down her obviously flustered friend Sabrina

A close call for Gabriel and he knows it, I'm suprised he isn't a siamese because it seems he has 9 lives ;)

Could this be young love?

DJ Ziggy breaks it down for us

Until the next chapter :)